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Performance Testing

The Shorebloc® cabled erosion control revetment system has been proven in the laboratory and the field as a technical and economical improvement over traditional forms of erosion control. By virtue of their large unit mass and longitudinal and lateral corrosion resistant cables, Shoreblock mattresses provide an easily constructed, durable, flexible, and permeable erosion protection system.

The Shoreblock system was developed to provide a superior armored surface for long-term erosion control. Shoreblock mattresses are placed on geotextile fabric, which provides permeability through the revetment system. The interlocking units and two-way corrosion resistant cables allow the Shoreblock system to articulate with unequaled strength and stability. Lateral cable connections between adjacent mattresses ensure continuous strength throughout the entire revetment system. This unique feature provides the system integrity necessary for maintenance-free long-term erosion protection.

Colorado State University

Shoreblock BD, SD and Shoreloc Hand-Placed Block Series has been successfully tested by Colorado State University, in accordance with the hydraulic performance testing protocol established by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA-RD-89-199).

The Colorado State University has successfully tested the Shoreblock System for the "Hydraulic Stability of Articulated Concrete Block Revetment Systems During Overtopping Flow".

Shoreblock has flexible cables, which are interconnected to provide articulation between adjacent blocks. Block walls are designed with relief angles to allow for flexibility in all directions.

  1. No maintenance required.
  2. Bi-directional cabling system that allows abutting mattresses to be connected, thus producing a monolithic revetment.
  3. Cables are completely encased within the block to prevent U.V. degradation and vandalism.
  4. Retains flexibility under changing grades over time.
  5. Appearance - 20% open area allows for vegetation versus rigid slope paving.
  6. Contractor can install up to 25,000 square feet per day.
  7. Stronger and more durable than other revetment systems.
  8. Each Shoreblock block is assembled with cables in two directions for handling and strength.
  9. Can be custom designed to fit any site condition.
  10. Simple, safe and fast to install, even underwater.
  11. Withstands high stream flow velocities and wave action.
  12. Allows hydrostatic pressure relief through the cellular blocks.
  13. Permits a choice of Geotextile filter fabric for various soil conditions.
  14. Shoreblock mats can be connected together, resulting in continuity over the entire slope area.
  15. Permits natural or planted vegetation to develop on slopes.
  16. Shoreblock mats can be fabricated in sizes up to 480 square feet for easy highway transportation to the job site.
  17. Special cable connecting methods enable positive anchoring to slopes.
  18. Can be removed and re-handled easily, if necessary.

Shoreblock® BD Series Testing

Shoreblock® SD Series Testing

Shoreloc® Hand-Placed Series Testing