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Shoreloc® Hand-Placed Series

For small hard to reach areas where cabled mattresses are not feasible, the SHORELOC® Hand-Placed system is available to meet the most in accessible and challenging erosion control needs.

SHORELOC® is used to provide protection for underlying soil materials. The individual blocks of our system conform to changes in grade while remaining interlocked by virtue of the geometric shape of each block. The interlocking property provided by the special shapes of SHORELOC also allow for expansion and contraction. SHORELOC is handplaced on top of a site-selected geotextile to form a soil revetment system.

SHORELOC® Installation
Small construction crews with a modest amount of equipment can install concrete blocks. The visibility of key system performance aspects are easy to monitor during installation, as opposed to cast-in-place concrete thickness, thickness and gradation of riprap, etc.

SHORELOC® is installed on top of a layer of geotextile fabric. The fabric acts as a filter to hold the protected soil in place while allowing water penetration. After the installation is complete, the open cell voids or closed cell joints can be filled with granular material or soil. Unit to unit vertical offset should be limited to the value utilized in the design (typically one-half inch). If vegetation is required, hydraulic seeding or mulching provides a low cost and highly effective method of establishing commonly used grasses and plants. In applications subject to continually flowing water, solid units can be used below the normal waterline or the voids of hollow units should be filled with gravel.

SHORELOC® is easy to install and environmentally friendly. SHORELOC® is often used as an alternative to cast-in-place concrete bulkheads, slope paving, gabions, soil cement or rock riprap.

SHORELOC® has excellent resistance to hydraulic shear and overtopping conditions. One of the environmental benefits of SHORELOC is that vertical cores and spaces can be incorporated in the blocks throughout the system that allow vegetation to grow. Properly selected plant species can almost completely cover the entire hard surface to blend in with the natural look of the project. During peak storm events, the layer beneath the vegetation will protect the soil from erosion. The ability to support the ecosystem's habitat is a major advantage of SHORELOC®.

Shoretec® is a company committed to providing site solutions. Our experienced field personnel are available to assist you with every step of your project, from start to finish. Our engineering staff is available to provide technical assistance from CAD details, preliminary drawings and final design.

Sampling and testing of SHORELOC® is performed in accordance with ASTM C140 Standard Methods of Sampling and Testing Concrete Masonry Units. Units meet these requirements at the time of delivery to the job site. Durability is proven by field performance.
  1. Concrete Unit Weight 130-150 lbs./CF
  2. Minimum Compression Strength 4,000 PSI
  3. Maximum Absorption 7%
  4. Dimensional Tolerance +/- 1/8"

Technical Specifications

Open Cell Units Dimensions In. Block Unit
Sq. Ft.
H W L Unit Weight Lbs. System Weight Lbs./Sq.Ft.
H-400 OC 4.00 12.00 16.00 30-35 30-35 1.0 25
H-500 OC 5.00 12.00 16.00 37-44 37-44 1.0 25
H-600 OC 6.00 12.00 16.00 45-53 45-53 1.0 25

Closed Cell Units Dimensions In. Block Unit
Sq. Ft.
H W L Unit Weight Lbs. System Weight Lbs./Sq.Ft.
H-400 CC 4.00 12.00 16.00 38-45 36-42 1.0 10
H-500 CC 5.00 12.00 16.00 46-55 45-53 1.0 10
H-600 CC 6.00 12.00 16.00 56-66 54-64 1.0 10

Note: Additional block styles may be available in some areas. Check with your local Shoretec®, LLC representative for product availability.