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Shoretec is an industry leader in hard armor erosion control solutions. Our quality products, combined with unmatched engineering expertise, makes Shoretec the first choice for architects, engineers, contractors, and project managers nationwide.

Shoretec's products become a part of the landscape and the local ecosystem. Its construction is free of hazardous projections thus offering opportunities for recreation as native grasses are quick to germinate in the soil filled cells.

Shoretec products have the necessary strength and characteristics to resist displacement due to imposed tractive forces and wave loads and the necessary strength to resist both lateral displacement and vertical uplift.

Shoretec products will not suffer loss of function due to chemical degradation, UV degradation, freeze thaw, biological degradation, vandalism or aging throughout its design life.

Shoretec systems are engineered to ensure comprehensive project design, and high quality components at 20-50% lower than alternative erosion control methods.

Shoreblock SD Block Shoreblock® SD Series

Our SD Series is a durable, effective and environmentaly-friendly, erosion control revetment method of fighting severe erosion problems. Shoreblock SD is available in eight foot widths in lengths up to 40 feet.

Shoreblock® BD Series

Our BD Series is a flexible, interlocking matrix of concrete blocks of uniform size and weight connected by a series of bi-directional corrosion resistant cables allowing the Shoreblock system to articulate with unequaled strength and stability.

Shoreloc® Hand-Placed Series

Shoreloc is used to provide protection for underlying soil materials. The individual blocks conform to changes while remaining interlocked by virtue of the geometric shape of each block.


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Our experienced field personnel are available to assist you with every step of your project, from start to finish. Our engineering staff is available to provide technical assistance from CAD details, preliminary drawings and final design.
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