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Installation Guidelines

Loading and Unloading of Cabled Mattresses

When handling cabled mats you will need a piece of equipment that can lift the total weight of the spreader bar and mattress. This requires a track excavator for smaller lighter mats and a crane for the larger heavier mats. Refer to the chart for Shoreblock BD or Shoreblock SD mat sizes and weights. The length of reach required to place the mat is a major determining factor when choosing the right equipment.

Each mat is loaded onto the truck by a spreader bar attached by six connections on each end.

A rope is attached to each end of the spreader so when it is lifted, personnel can guide the mat onto the truck. This insures an evenly distributed load for transportation to the job site.

Mats are kept to a maximum of eight feet wide for transportation purposes. Any width beyond eight feet requires the transporter to acquire costly permits for oversized loads. The eight-foot mats work very well on the flatbed trailers.

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