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Shoretec represents the most advanced, flexible, permeable and versatile system in the erosion control industry. Shoretec® specializes in effective erosion control, through the use of quality concrete products. Shoretec products are used to provide protection for underlying soil materials.

Shoretec provides several types of articulated concrete block (ACBs), each specifically designed for particular erosion control needs. Our concrete blocks are placed together to form an erosion-resistant overlay with specific hydraulic performance characteristics. The system includes a geotextile underlay, which allows infiltration and exfiltration to occur while providing particle retention of the soil sub-grade. The blocks within the matrix are dense and durable and the matrix is flexible and porous.

The term "articulated" implies the ability of individual blocks of the system to conform to changes in grade while remaining interlocked or otherwise restrained by virtue of the block geometry and/or additional system components such as cable, geotextiles or anchors. The interlocking property provided by the special shapes of the blocks also allow for expansion and contraction. They are installed as pre-assembled mats on top of selected geotextiles or hand-placed in less accessible areas to act as a soil revetment.

ACB Installation
Articulated concrete blocks can be installed by small construction crews with a modest amount of equipment. Installations are fast and are easy to inspect due to the visibility of components.

Shoretec is prepared to support your project with spreader bars. Spreader bars are required for the lifting and placement of mats. If your application requires mat placement under water, please let your representative know and we will supply you a remote release spreader bar.

Application Ideas
  • Boat Ramps
  • Bridge Abutments/Slopes
  • Canals, Channels, Shorelines
  • Residential Waterways
  • Corps of Engineers Test Site
  • Landfill Downshutes
  • Onshore Pipeline Protection
  • Retention Basins
  • Wetland Protection

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