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Case Studies
Holly Beach
Cameron Parish, Louisiana
Holly Beach project site is located in Cameron Parish, in extreme southwestern Louisiana. The Chenier Ridge that supports LA Hwy 82 is the last line of defense protecting thousands of acres of intermediate marsh habitat in the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge from the Gulf of Mexico.

CORP of Engineers Mat Casting Yard Protection Levee
St. Francisville, Louisiana
The New Orleans Corps of Engineers placed Shoreblock SD on the levee surrounding their mat casting facility located on the Mississippi river as a test section. This test section by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District in St. Francisville, La was to evaluate constructability, vegetative characteristics, potential maintenance issues and ultimately erosion control on future levee armoring projects.

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
Aransas Bay, Texas
The project site is located along a stretch of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway on the Texas gulf coast about 35 miles northeast of Corpus Christi in Aransas and Calhoun Counties. Utilizing over 1,700,000 sf of ACBs, the project provided erosion protection to 73,000 feet of shoreline along the GIWW and Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

Barker Canal
Houston, Texas
Barker Ditch provides protected side surface water runoff collection for the Barker Dam perimeter containment levee in Houston, TX. Providing flood protection to the highly populated communities adjacent to the dam.

Freeport LNG
Houston, Texas
Due to the ease of installation of the ACBs construction of the shoreline protection system was completed in record time and ahead of schedule.

Enterprise Pipeline Rehab
Pipe Creek, Texas
Pipeline protection was required for crossings of an intermittent, but fast rising creek aptly named pipe creek. This creek, while usually tranquil, can become a raging river during heavy rain events in the hill country of central Texas.

New Orleans East, Louisiana
Levee being breached by Lake Pontchartrain due to overtopping and scour.